Wedding dates are as important as the first time you realized that you are head over heels for your soul mate. The whole process is not just hectic but magical. From the decor to the dress, you want it to be as magical as the first time you locked eyes. What better way that to […]


Wedding is a lifetime affair. These days everybody want some uniqueness in their pre-wedding shoots. That uniqueness and those fun shoots are possible only when the couple chooses the correct location for the shoot according to their taste. The pre-wedding shoots are really fun where couples can become friendly and develop and showcase their chemistry. […]


We all know the feeling. Your heart starts to flutter, your palms get a bit sweaty, and you look like a living version of the “heart-eyes” emoji. You’re in love…with a wedding venue. Okay, so it may not feel exactly the same as when you fell for your future spouse, but it’s pretty darn close. […]


Wedding is undoubtedly a beautiful day, an auspicious occasion which not only unites two souls but also two families. The Indian wedding consists of many rituals and cultural beliefs that hold significance. The same goes for the chooda and kalire. Chooda is a set of 21 bangles in maroon and white colour, which implies being […]


Wedding is the most anticipated occasion for everyone be it the bride, groom, relatives or guests. People tend to go all out so they can make it a never-ending event as it happens only once. Ensuing same patterns instead of trying something new makes the wedding monotonous. So, here are some tips which are in […]


An engagement ring is a symbol of the promise and commitment of marriage to join them in a lifelong relationship as husband and wife. It is a pledge of love and a symbol of togetherness. There are engagement rings with some really beautiful gemstones that can completely embellish the look. A colored stone can set […]


Wedding days are often deemed as the most stressful but the most rewarding days of your life. In the labyrinth of the rituals, dancing and meeting a thousand relatives and friends, the bride and groom often cannot find time to take a breather. It is imperative for them keep calm and maintain their peace of […]


Our girlfriends have always helped us emerge stronger than before, wiped our tears, fed us, heard us, laughed at us and with us and shared a million memories. They are precious and we know it! Every bride is incomplete without her squad of girlfriends who are the only ones who can keep you from turning […]


Weddings are fun mixed with traditions and everything in between, but mostly, a whirlwind. With various functions over a period of three-four days, there is so much to do and so little time. The Bride and Groom may skip little things that matter in this process. Imagine having your hairstyle, which took hours to look […]


With a rich heritage of over 150 years, involving 7 generations, it is significantly apparent, that Jaipur Jewels has been creating magnificent masterpieces. They’ve evolved from creating the finest jewellery for royalty and have become one of India’s oldest families in the jewellery industry today. With a name-inspiring trust and an urge to create priceless […]


Travelling as a couple is unlike anything else! You’re not alone, you’re not with a group of friends, you’re with your better half, the feeling is altogether different. You both are a team! You’re there for each other, you share your experiences with each other, help each other and create everlasting memories! The whole thought […]


Destination wedding being a new concept is a mix of exotic and beautifully planned weddings organized at some splendid locations. Weddings definitely embellish the most special occasion that is the big day of bride and groom even more charming and magnificent. Your likes may vary from hills to forts or may be beaches but India […]


  Famous B-town actress Hrishita Bhatt walked down the aisle with a senior UN diplomat, Anand Tiwari on March 4,2017. The wedding was completely a hush-hush, still in that hush, Wedding Asia covered her gorgeous D-day look! The cosy celebrations continued till the day of the wedding when Hrishita emerged looking every inch of the […]

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Your wedding day lives on till the day you die! And your wedding album is a way of reliving this day over and over again; therefore, you need to cover even the tiniest of details in your wedding album. Do not forget to have these ‘not-to-be-skipped’ pictures clicked! Your outfits! Your jewellery and other accessories! […]

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Congratulations on finding the one for you! Now’s the time for the tough part, selecting the perfect engagement ring! The one which is special to every bride to be. We’d make your process a cake-walk by giving you all of details regarding engagement rings. BUDGET You need to buy the perfect wedding ring without going […]

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Indian weddings can be a lot hectic and full with overwhelmed feelings. But when it comes down to deciding a dress code, there are many options and a lot of variety to choose from. Nothing is more important and special than having a trousseau shopping. Here’s a list of engagement dresses that will steal everyone’s […]

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Weddings are the most prestigious event. It is undeniably known to be the most integral event for the people who are looking forward for the amazing jewelry for upcoming wedding season. If your marriage is on the cards and you are looking forward to indulge in a shopping spree, Wedding Asia is your perfect wedding […]

15 Mar 2017


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Taking care of every aspect in a wedding ceremony sure is a tough task! Every bride dreams of having “The Perfect Wedding” and for that, she wishes for a great deal of things, both Pre and Post Ceremony. There is no other day that a girl anticipates more than her wedding day! Right from the […]

15 Mar 2017

Bridal Entry Songs

Bridal Entry Songs

A Bride’s entry at her wedding is no less than an actress coming for her movie premiere! She deserves every bit of the special treatment she receives. We, as always, will help you out with the perfect bridal entry song for you/your sister/your daughter…you know the drill! Din Shagna Da Chadeya The most played song […]

08 Mar 2017

Statement heels


Weddings are a perfect occasion for the bride and when it is all about dressing up, everything becomes a perfect opportunity to flaunt those amazing footwear on your special day! Heels are the talk of the town. From pretty lehengas to gowns, heels do make a style statement. We have a list of statement heels […]

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The wedding season is on the roll! And you know that there comes a brief moment when everything becomes so majestic! With the arrival of wedding season comes along the excitement that fills the air so quickly. This becomes the perfect occasion to purchase the kind of gifts that you can choose to give it […]


The idea of getting married is itself a big decision for a couple. When there is a ceremony, the two souls meet and connect and there is no better way of connecting them through the wedding rings. The occasion becomes so special for both the bride and the groom. Bonding into a ceremony of love […]


Soft colours go with all the occasions! A day function, a night function, it just does the needful! When styled right, they are the most trendy and coolest colours that adorn you! Here are some of the best pastel handpicks: Monochrome your outfit Choose one pastel and stick with it throughout your outfit Mix up […]


The Big Fat Indian Wedding, all eyes on the bride! With the on-going wedding preparations, the added tension of selecting the perfect wedding lehnga for a bride does sure make her fanatical! For, a wedding is every woman’s dream to look exceptionally beautiful. This blog here would help crack this problem in the best possible way! […]

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The best way to figure out the perfect wedding favour is to think of what you’d like to receive! It should not be something that would be thrown off soon after the wedding, go for something that actually comes in handy or would sure be used by people! Here are a few ideas that could […]

Flower Latkans

Tons & Tons Of Money!! The prettiest wedding setup, I sure can’t spend a bucket full of money, confusion of every wedding scene! Can you have both? It sure is possible with these DIY Decor Hacks! Arrange for your favourite flowers! Marigold maybe? A table centre piece with flowers? Makes you happy doesn’t it? 2. Paper […]


With the new year ahead of us, we’re ready with some new decor ideas, champagnes, and cocktails! This blog will make you well aware of the latest and hottest wedding trends Go Green! Go for a wedding that has in abundance flowers, bouquets, potted plants as centerpieces. Nothing brings peace to life as much as […]

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor, the name itself instils in your mind the image of an iconic style diva with the utmost sense of fashion in the bollywood industry! She’s one girl who can pull anything from Classical Indian Outfits to Punk Rock Dresses. When it comes to attending Indian Weddings, she’s got her fashion game going strong! […]

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The feeling of being together is somehow special. There is love, there is romance and there is a feeling of pure joy and happiness. Marriage is a beautiful ceremony that brings two loved ones together. There is a connection of two souls, the hearts bind and the love blossoms altogether. Here are some beautiful experiences […]


Gone are the days when pre-wedding parties were all about reception or cocktail parties. That just sounds simply boring and monotonous. This is YOUR day and you’ve got to make it even more special and better! So we at TBS have come up with some unique new ideas for those pre-wedding parties! A karaoke night: […]


As simple as the Pre-wedding shoot seems to be, it actually isn’t(not to scare you). Since you’re high on adrenaline and are therefore bound to make mistakes, we bring to you this blog which will make your pre-wedding photo shoot just as you dreamt it to be! Do’s 1.Do: Your homework well! Find the ideal […]


Your wedding album is the one thing that will provide to you a trip down the memory lane for all the years to come! It will help you relive your wedding day and will revive the life of your everlasting bond! Candid shots are undoubtedly beautiful, but some not-to-be-missed poses are mentioned below! Do not […]

21 Feb 2017



Be it your sister or your best friend, your bridesmaid acts as your rock up until the wedding day! She tries to make your wedding day the most memorable day of your life, in return she too should get showered with some love from your end. And what better occasion for showing your love than […]

21 Feb 2017

Unique wedding ideas


It’s that time of the life when bride and groom bond in a ceremony, the wedding bells begin to ring and it is all glorious and extravagant. Looking ways to make your wedding unique? Yes, there are many ideas. We have jotted them down for you to make sure that your precious wedding moments become […]


Image Courtesy: Overseas Weddings by Bridal Consultants Even though destination weddings might cost a little more than the usual at home weddings, they offer a lot of advantages to make up for it: Variety of locations: When going for a destination wedding, you have a lot of options to choose from, you could go for […]


Image Courtesy: Destination Wedding Details Your budget: This is a no brainer, when planning a destination wedding, the expenditure can very easily go out of hand, so make sure you make a proper budget list and check and recheck time and again. Type of wedding: The most important factor when deciding what destination would be […]


Image Courtesy: Town & Country Magazine One of the most frequent destinations for wedding are beaches which are beautiful and picturesque but they do have their own problems: Try and choose a date in the off season: Every beach area has it’s own season like goa’s party season starts around October, so make sure you […]


Image Courtesy: Birthday Wishes Expert Most of the couples step into their new lives wit a little vacation, honeymoon is a really important phase in a couples marriage, romantic settings can help start off better and give a firm foundation to the relationship along with the fact that it provides a necessary time off from […]

25 Feb 2016

Capture the beginning


Image Courtesy: the crimson bride A flawless wedding is every couple’s dream and to make it the best day of your life, you really have to work hard. Pre wedding shoots are the recent craze of the couples, its like the preface of your wedding, so it should be very impressive and quirky. To make […]


Image Courtesy: It’s a Bride’s Life The first night as wedded couple, is always very special, but to make it more special add some gifts! From gadgets to tools and clothes to accessories we have all options for your man, all you need to do is select and shop! Perfumes: Usually, men spend most of […]


Image Courtesy: Colin Cowie Weddings The wedding is not only about buying stuff and managing the events, you should get involved in your wedding, DIY is the best way to get involved and obviously it shaves some of the décor expenses. Here we have a list of 5 things, which you should always DIY! The […]


Image Courtesy: Deo Studios Posing is the most important element of your wedding photography. Nowadays, wedding photographers capture your natural movements,so beautifully that they look far better than the typical staged poses. There are some best poses which you should definitely have in your wedding album, here they are: The veil pose: The Veil is […]


Image Courtesy: Popsugar Right when you think, your wedding budget is going out of control you see a celebrity couple blowing away millions like they are nothing, so I bring to you the most extravagant weddings: Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia: Yes, an Indian wedding takes the cake, the wedding of these two extraordinary people […]


There always has been a lot of buzz about Bollywood weddings and 2015 have given the prettiest brides of Bollywood. From the most elegant outfits to the luxurious venues, Bollywood weddings have it all. Here is the list of the most prettiest brides of the year 2015: Mira Rajput: The Mira and Shahid’s wedding, was […]


Image Courtesy: My Hotel Wedding Bridal Fashion is something that has endless possibilities and keeps getting renewed with every new collection; here are a few new fashion trends that are flocking the market these days: Cash: Always keep enough amounts of cash in your wallet just in case you are in dire situations, which are […]


Image Courtesy: Style me pretty Often the groom is ignored when it comes to dressing or styling for the wedding, but grooms are just as important: Be the best of yourself: Be at your best, look your best and feel like you are the groom, your wedding day is not just another day, it is […]


Image Courtesy: Tulle & Chantilly Bridal Fashion is something that has endless possibilities and keeps getting renewed with every new collection; here are a few new fashion trends that are flocking the market these days: Comfort: Go for shoes you are extremely comfortable with, do check your shoes properly to make sure there is no […]


Image Cortesy: the delhi bride An Indian wedding is a long affair, it doesn’t just start or end with the wedding, there are several events that lead to the wedding like the mehendi or sangeet which are equally ostentatious and brides dress up the same way they would on their wedding day. Following are a […]


Image Courtesy : Bridal Fashion is something that has endless possibilities and keeps getting renewed with every new collection; here are a few new fashion trends that are flocking the market these days: Experiment with unusual colors: For Indian weddings it seems as if red is the only usual colour but in case red […]


Image Courtesy: Jewellery is an important part of bridal attire especially in Indian where jewellery signifies more than just an accessory and is worn in the most ostentatious way; therefore, many trends crop up in the jewellery and accessories category every year: Polki Jewellery: Polki jewellery has a very regal feel to it which […]


Image Courtesy: Engagement is a very important step in any relationship and engagement rings are the official mark of any engaged couple, the market is swamped with several thousand designs for engagement rings but very rarely does someone find one that fits his fiancé perfectly and seems like it is made for her. Tip […]


Iamge Courtesy: weddingplz Indian brides spent a lot of time looking for jewellery and are confused most of time as to what to buy and not, following are a few essentials you might need for your wedding day: Jhumka: A beautiful pair of jhumkas can pickup and bring a look together, they are the Indian […]


Image Courtesy: etsy Most of the Indian weddings have only one theme: Over the Top but with the new generation come new tradition and new things, here a few themes to keep up with them: Bollywood: : Yes it is one of the most fun and out there theme, this is the kind of theme […]

25 Feb 2016

The Two

Decor-The Two

Image Courtesy: A few couples around the world are opting for the two-wedding concept, now before you think of something extremely absurd, two wedding is a concept in which the same couple gets married twice once with close family and friends and second with the whole guest list. Couples that have extra bucks at […]


Image Courtesy: MODweddings Check with all the vendors: Keep checking in with your caterer, florist, decorator etc. to make sure your order is on point, also make sure you keep in touch about last minute changes, if any. Pack for your honeymoon: If you are leaving for your honeymoon right after or even a day […]


Image Courtesy: Flowers are a very important part of wedding décor but sometimes they can look forced, so to avoid that here are a few tips to introduce flowers in your wedding décor: Confirm a booking with your florist early on: Don’t keep the floral arrangements to the last, make sure you book the […]


Image Courtesy: Most of the times, every wedding seems the same because of the same old caterers or themes so use the following few tips to make your wedding feel like your own: Invitation: Add a bit of a personal touch to your wedding invitations by either adding photography or a quote you both […]


Image Courtesy: Handmade Wedding Blog Pretty hands can make any woman’s day better especially her wedding day, there are endless possibilities for a unique manicure but you need to take special care of your bridal manicure to make sure it stays put throughout the event. Here are a few tips to make your manicure look […]


Image Courtesy: Choosing hairstyles for Indian attire is quite a task because of how complicated it is; usually the head is covered with a dupatta so it is a difficult task to choose a proper hairstyle for your wedding day. Here are a few options: Top Bun: A tight top bun is perfect if […]


Image Courtesy: Maharani Weddings Mehendi is an important part and tradition in Indian weddings; the deep colour of henna symbolizes love and considered a good omen. A good mehendi design will not only look pretty but has the power to uplift the entire outfit. Mehendi is an art and to be done properly requires a […]


Image Courtesy: Something Turquoise A small makeup kit is important to keep makeup problems at bay and fix any last minute fiasco; following are the few essential things to keep in your makeup kit: Moisturizing spray: A moisturizing spray or lotion is ultimate requirement in skincare and also it will help you when your hands […]


Image Courtesy: Get your manicure and waxing earlier on: Get your manicure, pedicure or waxing done at least a day or two before you get you mehendi done, it will help the mehendi to sit on your skin better and improve the way it looks overall, don’t get these done after your mehendi as […]


Image Courtesy: Wedding Party Makeup is a very important part of the bridal look, it can pull a look together or break it apart, so make sure you have a good makeup artist and have a specific look mind. Here are a few tips to keep you looking beautiful and fresh on your wedding day: […]


Image Courtesy: All things thrifty It is no secret that weddings nevertheless big weddings can be a stressful affair; both the bride and the groom are overwhelmed with the wedding prep, their clothes, schedules and basically everything. So, here are a few ways to unwind before the wedding: Delegate: Don’t take on too many responsibilities, […]


Image Courtesy: Healthy hair enhance a brides beauty, no matter what length, colour or type of hair you have, healthy hair are the most beautiful, they set better and look better in hairstyles. Here are a few ways you could get better looking hair for your wedding day: Use oil: Apply oil to you […]


Image Courtesy: Start early: Don’t leave your skin prep to the last moment; begin at least four months prior to your big day for much better results. Starting early will help counteract the stress from the wedding and repair-damaged skin. Take a professional’s opinion: You might not have a correct idea about what’s best […]