The Big Fat Indian Wedding, all eyes on the bride! With the on-going wedding preparations, the added tension of selecting the perfect wedding lehnga for a bride does sure make her fanatical! For, a wedding is every woman’s dream to look exceptionally beautiful. This blog here would help crack this problem in the best possible way! […]


Image Courtesy: Handmade Wedding Blog Pretty hands can make any woman’s day better especially her wedding day, there are endless possibilities for a unique manicure but you need to take special care of your bridal manicure to make sure it stays put throughout the event. Here are a few tips to make your manicure look […]


Image Courtesy: Choosing hairstyles for Indian attire is quite a task because of how complicated it is; usually the head is covered with a dupatta so it is a difficult task to choose a proper hairstyle for your wedding day. Here are a few options: Top Bun: A tight top bun is perfect if […]


Image Courtesy: Maharani Weddings Mehendi is an important part and tradition in Indian weddings; the deep colour of henna symbolizes love and considered a good omen. A good mehendi design will not only look pretty but has the power to uplift the entire outfit. Mehendi is an art and to be done properly requires a […]


Image Courtesy: Something Turquoise A small makeup kit is important to keep makeup problems at bay and fix any last minute fiasco; following are the few essential things to keep in your makeup kit: Moisturizing spray: A moisturizing spray or lotion is ultimate requirement in skincare and also it will help you when your hands […]


Image Courtesy: Wedding Party Makeup is a very important part of the bridal look, it can pull a look together or break it apart, so make sure you have a good makeup artist and have a specific look mind. Here are a few tips to keep you looking beautiful and fresh on your wedding day: […]


Image Courtesy: Healthy hair enhance a brides beauty, no matter what length, colour or type of hair you have, healthy hair are the most beautiful, they set better and look better in hairstyles. Here are a few ways you could get better looking hair for your wedding day: Use oil: Apply oil to you […]


Image Courtesy: Start early: Don’t leave your skin prep to the last moment; begin at least four months prior to your big day for much better results. Starting early will help counteract the stress from the wedding and repair-damaged skin. Take a professional’s opinion: You might not have a correct idea about what’s best […]