Flower Latkans

Tons & Tons Of Money!! The prettiest wedding setup, I sure can’t spend a bucket full of money, confusion of every wedding scene! Can you have both? It sure is possible with these DIY Decor Hacks! Arrange for your favourite flowers! Marigold maybe? A table centre piece with flowers? Makes you happy doesn’t it? 2. Paper […]


Image Courtesy: etsy Most of the Indian weddings have only one theme: Over the Top but with the new generation come new tradition and new things, here a few themes to keep up with them: Bollywood: : Yes it is one of the most fun and out there theme, this is the kind of theme […]

25 Feb 2016

The Two

Decor-The Two

Image Courtesy: ecinvites.com A few couples around the world are opting for the two-wedding concept, now before you think of something extremely absurd, two wedding is a concept in which the same couple gets married twice once with close family and friends and second with the whole guest list. Couples that have extra bucks at […]


Image Courtesy: MODweddings Check with all the vendors: Keep checking in with your caterer, florist, decorator etc. to make sure your order is on point, also make sure you keep in touch about last minute changes, if any. Pack for your honeymoon: If you are leaving for your honeymoon right after or even a day […]


Image Courtesy: LaurenConrad.com Flowers are a very important part of wedding décor but sometimes they can look forced, so to avoid that here are a few tips to introduce flowers in your wedding décor: Confirm a booking with your florist early on: Don’t keep the floral arrangements to the last, make sure you book the […]


Image Courtesy: pinterest.com Most of the times, every wedding seems the same because of the same old caterers or themes so use the following few tips to make your wedding feel like your own: Invitation: Add a bit of a personal touch to your wedding invitations by either adding photography or a quote you both […]