Our girlfriends have always helped us emerge stronger than before, wiped our tears, fed us, heard us, laughed at us and with us and shared a million memories. They are precious and we know it! Every bride is incomplete without her squad of girlfriends who are the only ones who can keep you from turning […]


Weddings are fun mixed with traditions and everything in between, but mostly, a whirlwind. With various functions over a period of three-four days, there is so much to do and so little time. The Bride and Groom may skip little things that matter in this process. Imagine having your hairstyle, which took hours to look […]

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Your wedding day lives on till the day you die! And your wedding album is a way of reliving this day over and over again; therefore, you need to cover even the tiniest of details in your wedding album. Do not forget to have these ‘not-to-be-skipped’ pictures clicked! Your outfits! Your jewellery and other accessories! […]

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Congratulations on finding the one for you! Now’s the time for the tough part, selecting the perfect engagement ring! The one which is special to every bride to be. We’d make your process a cake-walk by giving you all of details regarding engagement rings. BUDGET You need to buy the perfect wedding ring without going […]

15 Mar 2017


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Taking care of every aspect in a wedding ceremony sure is a tough task! Every bride dreams of having “The Perfect Wedding” and for that, she wishes for a great deal of things, both Pre and Post Ceremony. There is no other day that a girl anticipates more than her wedding day! Right from the […]

15 Mar 2017

Bridal Entry Songs

Bridal Entry Songs

A Bride’s entry at her wedding is no less than an actress coming for her movie premiere! She deserves every bit of the special treatment she receives. We, as always, will help you out with the perfect bridal entry song for you/your sister/your daughter…you know the drill! Din Shagna Da Chadeya The most played song […]


With the new year ahead of us, we’re ready with some new decor ideas, champagnes, and cocktails! This blog will make you well aware of the latest and hottest wedding trends Go Green! Go for a wedding that has in abundance flowers, bouquets, potted plants as centerpieces. Nothing brings peace to life as much as […]

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The feeling of being together is somehow special. There is love, there is romance and there is a feeling of pure joy and happiness. Marriage is a beautiful ceremony that brings two loved ones together. There is a connection of two souls, the hearts bind and the love blossoms altogether. Here are some beautiful experiences […]


Gone are the days when pre-wedding parties were all about reception or cocktail parties. That just sounds simply boring and monotonous. This is YOUR day and you’ve got to make it even more special and better! So we at TBS have come up with some unique new ideas for those pre-wedding parties! A karaoke night: […]


As simple as the Pre-wedding shoot seems to be, it actually isn’t(not to scare you). Since you’re high on adrenaline and are therefore bound to make mistakes, we bring to you this blog which will make your pre-wedding photo shoot just as you dreamt it to be! Do’s 1.Do: Your homework well! Find the ideal […]


Your wedding album is the one thing that will provide to you a trip down the memory lane for all the years to come! It will help you relive your wedding day and will revive the life of your everlasting bond! Candid shots are undoubtedly beautiful, but some not-to-be-missed poses are mentioned below! Do not […]

21 Feb 2017



Be it your sister or your best friend, your bridesmaid acts as your rock up until the wedding day! She tries to make your wedding day the most memorable day of your life, in return she too should get showered with some love from your end. And what better occasion for showing your love than […]

21 Feb 2017

Unique wedding ideas


It’s that time of the life when bride and groom bond in a ceremony, the wedding bells begin to ring and it is all glorious and extravagant. Looking ways to make your wedding unique? Yes, there are many ideas. We have jotted them down for you to make sure that your precious wedding moments become […]

25 Feb 2016

Capture the beginning


Image Courtesy: the crimson bride A flawless wedding is every couple’s dream and to make it the best day of your life, you really have to work hard. Pre wedding shoots are the recent craze of the couples, its like the preface of your wedding, so it should be very impressive and quirky. To make […]


Image Courtesy: It’s a Bride’s Life The first night as wedded couple, is always very special, but to make it more special add some gifts! From gadgets to tools and clothes to accessories we have all options for your man, all you need to do is select and shop! Perfumes: Usually, men spend most of […]


Image Courtesy: Colin Cowie Weddings The wedding is not only about buying stuff and managing the events, you should get involved in your wedding, DIY is the best way to get involved and obviously it shaves some of the décor expenses. Here we have a list of 5 things, which you should always DIY! The […]


Image Courtesy: Deo Studios Posing is the most important element of your wedding photography. Nowadays, wedding photographers capture your natural movements,so beautifully that they look far better than the typical staged poses. There are some best poses which you should definitely have in your wedding album, here they are: The veil pose: The Veil is […]