Destination wedding being a new concept is a mix of exotic and beautifully planned weddings organized at some splendid locations. Weddings definitely embellish the most special occasion that is the big day of bride and groom even more charming and magnificent. Your likes may vary from hills to forts or may be beaches but India has it all to make your marriage ceremony unforgettable.

Planning destination weddings on a budget means getting the best deals on all your wedding’s expenses. You can even stay in your budget without sacrificing your demands or wants.

While searching the final wedding destination you must check both high and low locations as this is a very competitive market. Lot of locations have definitely set some budget packages for destination weddings. One of the benefits of a destination wedding is that you can exclude some people from your guest list by keeping some special and close ones in the priority list.


By choosing a stunning venue for your wedding you can always save money and need not break your bank out of decoration. You can go with the natural beauty of the destination. Nearly all destination weddings on a budget take advantage of the setting’s natural beauty.

But if you still wish to decorate your venue, try playing with the traditional flowers like Dirty Flower (genda phool) & roses which are easily available in so many different colors instead of the international flower which are heavy on your pockets.

If someone in the squad is good at formatting and computers then you can also design your invitation on your own and other thank you cards among others. These days many brides planning destination weddings on budget do this work on their own!

Being flexible with weddings dates can also be a big bucks saver these days. So go ahead and fix days like Fridays or Sundays if it trims the costs.


Don’t ever buy something the first time you see it.  Scour the internet for a better deal on the same item or something very similar. You’d be surprised to see that another retailer might offer a much better deal. Expensive doesn’t always mean better. The dress that you are getting on sale right now, may have been sold at high price before, Therefore you must shop wisely to cut the costs.

There are various wedding spots in India which will make your special day even more memorable and also will go easy on your wallet. Panchmari being a special destination with waterfalls, streams and beautiful scenic beauty can give the couples most memorable experience for any couple by getting hitched in the ranges of Satpura. Alibaugh, two hours driving from Mumbai can take you to beautiful destination of beaches for your big day. Kovalam, kerela where you can have a beach wedding and your guests can enjoy a pleasant and relaxing time. Mount abu has always been a popular tourist wedding destination, home to lakes, waterfalls, and green forests, which can prove to be a fantastic wedding destination. Lavasa is a place for hills lovers. While planning a budget destination wedding it must be booked in the end of October.

Wedding combines two souls with a single thought, two hearts that beat as one. When there is love, you don’t need extravagant budgets or swanky décor. Just the love that brings it together.


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