Travelling as a couple is unlike anything else! You’re not alone, you’re not with a group of friends, you’re with your better half, the feeling is altogether different. You both are a team! You’re there for each other, you share your experiences with each other, help each other and create everlasting memories!
The whole thought itself is very exciting for any couple who needs a break from the hectic daily life and needs to know their partner better.

Weddings can be a bit tiring, and in the whole process, the couple gets so busy settling down that they often forget to spend quality time with each other.
In that situation, what can be better than a trip to a romantic destination with the love of your life?  

Bored with the usual travel destinations? Here’s a list of some hidden beauty around the world. So what’s the wait for? Check out these beautiful travel destinations for newly weds and give a boost to your romance!  

 Bariloche, Argentina.

Tired of the scorching heat? Argentina is the destination for you! It remains cool during some of the hottest months making it the perfect location to spend your summer in. The nature rewards its visitors with breathtaking scenery.

Things to do – It is well known for its trekking and tours, sailing, winter sports for all tastes, adventure tourism, romantic getaways, family activities, peaceful breaks and a diverse culture.Also, night life of this place is quite happening too.
Famous cuisine – fish, smoked meat, cheese and berries.
Main language – English.
Best time to visit – May – October.

 Sapa, Vietnam.

Sapa is set to give you a spectacular view ; With lush green mountains and plunging valley. Local tribe people often fill the valley with colours, this view altogether makes the trip worth it. Once you’ve stepped into the lush fields, you’ll understand the charm of Sapa.

Things to do – 3 Night Sapa trekking tour from Hanoi, 3 day Sapa biking tour, 3 day Fansipan tour from Hanoi.
Famous cuisine – Salmon, Grilled fish streams, Mushrooms.
Main language – Tay Sa Pa
Best time to visit – March-May and September-November.

Quebec city, Canada.


Have a gist of Europe, only at a cheaper price and in lesser time in Quebec city. The streets are best explored on foot. It is a gorgeous city surrounded by breathtaking views and loads of cultural attractions all around.

Things to do – Stoll Old Quebec, Feel the spray at Parc de la Chute – Montmorency, Explore Parc National de la Jacques-Cartier, Connect with local Artisans, Appreciate fine arts, Enter fascinating world of Aquarium.
Famous cuisine – Cretons, Baked beans,Meat pie, Poutine.
Main language – French.
Best time to visit – December to February.



Woodstock, Vermont.

Woodstock-Sleigh-Ride925 (1)

Finding peace? Find it here ; A small peaceful town with a lot of beauty around. Some visitors come to Woodstock simply to go through its pedestrian-friendly streets and galleries, but others take advantage of the area’s scenic outdoors by biking the hilly terrain, hiking Mount Tom or horseback riding.

Things to do –  Hilly terrain, Hiking Mount Tom or Horseback riding.
Main language – English/French.
Best time to visit – May – September.



Atacama, Chile.

atacama-desert_3225940a-largeThe Atacama Desert was first inhabited more than 10,000 years ago but feels us as renown today. The sunset scene here is breathtaking and absolutely famous. People travel a lot of distance to witness this beautiful scene.

Things to do – Visit Piedras Rojas and Salar de Talar, Rutra 23, Laguna Miscanti, set up your own gazing tour, Go camping and hiking in the desert, Drive out to Salar de Tara.
Famous cuisine – Patasca.
Language spoken – Kunza.
Best time to visit – April – September.



La Rioja, Spain.

Picture6Get ready to experience the finest wine produced in the country which goes quite well with the region’s vast blue skies. This place offers more than just wine, find peaceful pilgrim here. Also, you can also search for remains of giants reptiles here.

Things to do – Visit the wineries and taste the wine of Rioja, Hiking and Walking routes, Visit the Vivanco Wine Museum, Visit a Medieval Castle, Attend a local festival
Famous cuisines – Traditional pinchos
Language spoken – Spanish
Best time to visit – September to December.



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