The Big Fat Indian Wedding, all eyes on the bride! With the on-going wedding preparations, the added tension of selecting the perfect wedding lehnga for a bride does sure make her fanatical! For, a wedding is every woman’s dream to look exceptionally beautiful. This blog here would help crack this problem in the best possible way!

It is most important to analyse your body type first! Briefly, there are 5 common body types in females named: Inverted triangle, Rectangle, Pear, Apple and Hourglass. (weird names, huh?)


  1. Apple Shape
    If you have broad shoulders or a heavy top you have an apple shaped body. In this case, you would want to go for a lehnga that restricts your bust area but does show off your shoulders! Fabrics like chiffon or georgette would bring out your feminine side!
  2. Pear Shape
    With a light top and a heavy bottom, this type has it’s butt and thighs as the centre stage! A low waist lehnga, a volume blouse would do the needful. Go for the A cut lehnga.
  3. Hourglass Type
    Considered to be the best of the lot! You have all proportionate curves! A low waist lehenga would light up your waist, Full-ghera, short choli, net dupatta, heavy embroidery – you are probably the only body type that can wear any possible combination.
  4. Inverted Triangle Type
    Your upper body comes more to notice than your lower one, thus, a lehenga with an eye catching flair would be the best option!
    inverted triangle
  5. Rectangle Type
    A proportionate top and bottom, your lesser curvy body would want your lehenga to give you those curves. A blouse creating an illusion of a curvy chest and a volume-full skirt would make you good to go!
  6. rectangular_body

Whatever you wear, be confident, be bold, be you!


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