Flower Latkans

Tons & Tons Of Money!!

The prettiest wedding setup, I sure can’t spend a bucket full of money, confusion of every wedding scene! Can you have both? It sure is possible with these DIY Decor Hacks!

  1. Arrange for your favourite flowers!
    Marigold maybe? A table centre piece with flowers? Makes you happy doesn’t it?

2. Paper Mache
Get your origami skills going! Paper lanterns, Table decor using paper mache, it all adds to the beauty!


Paper Mache3. A DIY Photo-Booth
No, it isn’t as tough as it sounds, collect old wooden boxes, a few flowers, ribbons, you’re good to go!

DIY Photo-Booth

4. Sticky note corner
For your guests to leave their blessings off on paper!

Sticky note corner

5. Flower Latkans
They are so beautiful, you won’t be able to get your eyes off of them!

Flower Latkans

6. Decorate a wall with your pictures!
Because who doesn’t love to see the happy moments of the couple?
Decorate a wall with your pictures
7. Diyas!
We hope the illuminate your married life just as do for your wedding function!



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