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Most of the Indian weddings have only one theme: Over the Top but with the new generation come new tradition and new things, here a few themes to keep up with them:
  • Bollywood: : Yes it is one of the most fun and out there theme, this is the kind of theme that everybody would enjoy. You can go all out with it or you can calm it down to your level, the variety of options in this particular theme are endless.
  • Vintage: Go back to the classic times with the vintage theme; it is really picturesque and fun to do. The little play of things and the setting seems very romantic and warm.
  • Royal: Though royal may sound something very close to vintage but the look and feel of this theme is entirely different. Regal is something you cannot go wrong with, choose colours like purple or dark plum to bring out the mood.
  • Colours: This is something that might look easy but is very difficult; incorporate specific colours in your wedding décor. Colour coordinate everything and just see the magic unfold, everything will set into place better, it will look like way more effort than you have put into it.
  • Loose flowy updo: If you do not want to go for open hair or a tight hair style go for an unstructured updo, they have a soft elegance to them which adds to the bridal feeling.

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