Image Courtesy: Handmade Wedding Blog

Pretty hands can make any woman’s day better especially her wedding day, there are endless possibilities for a unique manicure but you need to take special care of your bridal manicure to make sure it stays put throughout the event. Here are a few tips to make your manicure look like a million bucks:
  • Have a good diet: A better diet will result in stronger nails, preventing chipping or breakage resulting in a better and longer manicure.
  • Give your nails time to breathe: There will be several events leading up to the wedding, but do give your nails some time off to breathe in between manicures otherwise it might harm your nails.
  • Go the gel way: There is no doubt in the fact that gel manicure stay put longer than normal manicures and need less maintenance.
  • Don’t go for too intricate: Very intricate manicures with jewels come off quite easily no matter how well they are done, so try and go for simpler manicures that will last longer.
  • Moisturize: Moisturize your hands regularly to keep your hands from cracking and to provide necessary nutrition to your nails.

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